Helping Hometown Heroes Find Their Dream Home

This one is for our first responders, teachers and military heroes! Your sacrifices and unwavering dedication deserve recognition. That’s why Trumark Homes is offering a limited-time incentive for Hometown Heroes to help you secure your forever home in an award-winning gated 55+ community filled to the brim with amazing amenities and welcoming neighbors.

From now until July 31, 2023, eligible Hometown Heroes can receive up to $8,500* toward a new home by purchasing through one of Trumark Homes’ preferred lenders. This is our way of expressing gratitude for your courageous efforts in safeguarding our communities and shaping young minds.

Imagine the serenity of living in a beautiful home surrounded by like-minded individuals, all while enjoying the comforts and convenience of a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Our homes are designed with your needs in mind, so you can focus on the things that are most important to you. Create unforgettable moments with visiting grandchildren in your expansive great room or backyard. Host endless dinner parties or weekend gatherings in the spacious dining room area. And for days you want to get out, The Campus Clubhouse is easily accessible for swimming, bocce ball or maybe quiet time in yoga session. At The Collective, you’ll never run out of activities, especially with a dedicated Lifestyle Director.

Contact the on-site sales team at Vida and Dawn to learn more about your future at The Collective and this special offer for Hometown Heroes. Call (209) 803-6151 or email [email protected].

*To be eligible for this incentive, buyer must be an active or retired military member, active schoolteacher, active nurse or doctor (dentist and veterinarian included), active police, firefighter, paramedic or EMT or an active pharmacist and provide proof of such employment. This offer applies to select homesites at Vida and Dawn at The Collective that sell on or before July 31, 2023, with a Trumark Homes preferred lender and cannot be combined with any other offer. Other restrictions may apply. Contact a community sales manager for details and eligibility.

Goodbye, Rent. Hello, Homeownership!

We hear it all the time—why rent when you could own? But in the age-old tussle between renting and owning, which move is the right one for you? We’ll give you a hint; it’s owning your own space. Here are a few reasons why purchasing a new home at The Collective outweighs a roof for rent.

Minimal Maintenance + Modern Features

By definition, a new construction home will come to you in mint condition. That means no surprise costs because of old equipment breakdowns—your home at The Collective will come with brand new appliances and modern home systems. That includes eco-conscious features such as smart home technology and low-VOC construction materials designed to place health, a low carbon footprint and lower utility bills at the forefront. Less hassle and cash required? Sign us up!

Plus, not only will your new home at The Collective be built in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations, but it will also fall under the protection of a new home warranty, so you can rest easy in every way.

Personalized to You

Speaking of mint condition, not only does a newly constructed home at this gated community keep contemporary architecture in mind, but it’s also an entirely blank slate. That means you can use your imagination and curate a home that reflects your preferences for a haven that is truly your own in every way. Maybe you’d like to transform Vida and Dawn’s generous yards into the cultivated garden or outdoor meditation space of your dreams—it’s entirely up to you.

Plus, your home is your private space—something a rental agreement and an overly involved landlord can’t always guarantee. At The Collective, our tidy neighborhoods of single-family homes provide all the privacy you could want—with plenty of room to gather when you feel like socializing.

Community Benefits

The Collective is more than just a collection of stylish, hassle-free, single-family homes to make your next chapter one to brag about. This master-planned community comes with like-minded neighbors and amenities that put wellness of the mind, body and soul within effortless reach!

Enter The Campus Clubhouse, a 10,000-square-feet space dedicated to fun and socializing your way. Whether you’re looking to kick off your morning with a game of pickleball, channel your inner Michael Phelps with some laps in the pool or enjoy some moments of zen at the spa, massage room or yoga studio—this is the place for you.

For the days when you’re just not sure what you’re looking for, turn to our dedicated lifestyle director for guidance on how to stay active and keep having fun. At this award-winning community, there’s a world of applause-worthy entertainment waiting for you—all you have to do is name the time and place.

Ease of Purchase

When purchasing a new home at The Collective, you can bid bidding wars farewell. Our new construction homes eliminate stress and uncertainty because you have a dedicated team of professionals in your corner. From construction to sales and customer service, we ensure you have the guidance you need from start to finish for a seamless home buying experience. You’ve worked hard to make it to this moment—we get that.

Invest in a Stable Future

Finally, your future self will thank you for investing in a space to truly call your own by building equity on a property that’s yours to keep. Plus, if you ever decide to sell, there’s a chance that your stylish home, backed by the expertise of trusted homebuilders, will have appreciated in value. And in the meantime, let’s not overlook the added benefit of a fixed monthly mortgage payment over rental prices that keep skyrocketing. A stable budget is a winner in our book!

Put yourself on the path to enjoying the perks of being a homeowner by reaching out to us so we can put that rent money to work. And in the meantime, drop by for a visit or keep up with what’s happening at The Collective via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tips for a Tidy Home

Your hassle-free home at The Collective is a breath of fresh air—let’s keep it that way with these tips on how to keep it tidy and organized. Not only will regular cleaning and organizing lower stress levels and encourage better quality sleep—several studies have confirmed this—a tidier home can offer a more welcoming environment for guests (especially grandkids) and save you time.

Let’s Get Cleaning

First things first, tidiness starts with cleanliness. Here are a few easy-to-overlook areas that impact overall cleanliness in a big way:

Tidy On the Go

An easy way to ensure clutter doesn’t get the best of you is to nip it in the bud. Simple daily habits like making your bed, clearing your nightstand each morning or folding away the blanket you used for movie night on the couch before bed can make a world of difference in how chaotic your space feels.

Every time you leave an area of your home, take a quick scan of the room behind you. Anything that doesn’t belong there—say, for example, a cup or your reading glasses—needs to come with you.

That junk mail’s ultimate destination is the trash, so why put off the inevitable? Make it a point to discard junk mail immediately. Your surfaces will thank you!

And that leads us neatly to our next point: Schedule a recurring, but limited, amount of time for bigger tasks. For example, something as easy as dedicating 30 minutes on the first Saturday of every month to filing away important documents or taking stock of the pantry can ensure that things don’t add up and overwhelm you. And over time, these habits become second nature! It’s a simple trick, but it works wonders—try it out and see for yourself.

A Place for Everything

This one may seem intuitive, but you’d be surprised what a massive difference it makes. Everything, and we mean everything, needs its own spot to be put away.

That’s why your new home at The Collective is so great—the spacious floor plans at neighborhoods such as Vida and Dawn come with built-in storage and organization options, from walk-in pantries and closets to abundant kitchen cabinetry, linen closets and laundry room shelving. Just check out Plan 3 at Dawn—you’ve got options throughout the home!

The best part? There’s a host of clever, functional storage accessories to ensure you’re using the built-in storage spaces at home as efficiently as possible. From chic woven baskets to storage benches, the options are endless—and endlessly stylish!

Declutter Regularly

There’s no simple way to say this: The easiest way to keep your home clutter free is to declutter—regularly. There’s no one way to achieve this. Instead, it’s important to find what works for you. For example, try not to own more than one of something. Or if you don’t use it, lose it. Either way, it’s important to purge your home of what doesn’t serve you—it truly is the simplest way to keep your home looking fresh and inviting.

You’ve got the advice—perhaps you’re looking for a place to call your own at The Collective? Reach out and we’d be happy to assist you. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what’s happening at this dynamic, 55 and better community. 

Buy New & Buy Now

On the fence about purchasing a new home? You’ve come to the right place. On Saturday, April 15 at 2pm, the sales team at Vida and Dawn is hosting a Buy Now Seminar on why purchasing now is a smart financial decision as well as the benefits of joining a dynamic active adult master-planned community like The Collective.

Buy today, save tomorrow—that’s the gist of Saturday’s agenda, with a side of light refreshments and beverages. Future homeowners will have the chance to get acquainted with Mike Gallagher from American Pacific Mortgage alongside our team of experts and get all their questions answered.

The time for a new home is now, and our dedicated Trumark Homes team is here to help you understand why along with the real costs of a potential refinance. The seminar will span the benefits, appreciation—enhancing your financial position—and reasons why choosing The Collective as your place to settle down is the smart move.

The seminar will take place at the highly coveted Campus Clubhouse—the 10,000-square-foot rec center packed with amenities that cover every outlet for exercise and relaxation—for a bigger picture of the activity that happens around here.

So if you’re in the market for a home but need somewhere to start, you’ve found it. Let our team guide you through this exciting transition into homeownership—without the burden of unanswered questions. RSVP today and spread the word about the invaluable resources we’ll be sharing at The Collective on April 15 at 2pm. See you there!

An Outdoor Oasis Within

The Collective is a breath of fresh air in every way imaginable—from amenities that facilitate getting out in nature to homes equipped to reflect YOU. Wellness is the way around here, and in 2023, the simplest way to embrace that is to bring the outdoors into your home and transform your living spaces into a natural oasis that fosters contentment and well-being. Here are some simple tips to get started.

Let’s start with the obvious—indoor plants are the easiest way to turn any space into a leafy retreat. And no matter your style, there’s a way to incorporate greenery into your home. Large planters with trees or statement plants like a large monstera or a row of bamboo pack quite a punch, while hanging planters offer a more subtle wow factor. Did you say spa vibes? We’ve got you covered. Eucalyptus bunches by your sink or hung from your shower offer a dreamy, spa-inspired ambiance that’s sure to soothe.

We hear you—homes as dynamic as the ones across our five unique neighborhoods deserve imaginative options. Why not get creative with a living moss wall or a vertical garden? That way, you can bring the power of air-purifying plants into any space or take advantage of fresh, homegrown herbs in your culinary masterpieces. Best of all, both options offer a striking focal point that is sure to be quite the conversation piece. Sounds like a win to us!

Whether you choose to go all out and au naturel or low maintenance with faux greenery, you’ve got options to liven up any space—from large potted plants to smaller pops of green in your home office and everything in between.

Blending natural elements and materials into your home décor is another great way to welcome the outdoors into your indoor space in a stylish, trendy way. Since your home comes with granite countertops, you’re already halfway there—but you can do your part too! We’re talking stone planters, wooden end tables and rattan décor. Earthy textures and natural tones are refreshing, effortless ways to bring elements of coziness to any space.

Another way to bring a little taste of the great outdoors within is to make the most of natural lighting. Lucky for you, large windows are abundant in every home at The Collective, so guiding natural sunlight into and throughout your home requires no effort at all.

Plus, the potential of indoor-outdoor spaces at The Collective is truly something to brag about. Covered decks offer the perfect space to get imaginative and offer you a best-of-both-worlds hangout. From sunny days to rainy ones, take your time enjoying fresh air in a stylish, protected spot. From sunrise yoga to evening gatherings with neighbors, your indoor-outdoor space is truly the heart of your home—as well as a hands-off way to bring your favorite elements of the great outdoors, in.

Breathe in. And out. Homes at The Collective are a world apart, and it shows. With elements to help your haven reflect a natural oasis in a trendy and effortless way, this is your chance to ensure your next chapter is the most serene one yet.

Visit us today and discover all that The Collective has to offer. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest happenings at this dynamic, made-for-you community.

Moving Made Easy

So—you’re ready to pack up your life and make your move toward a new beginning at The Collective. Exciting times lie ahead! But is hiring professional packers the right move for you? A moving service can bring a lot to the table, so here’s why employing a little extra help when it comes to your move might be the right call.

Let’s start with the obvious: moving companies are the experts. That means a surveyor will be sent to your current home to take stock of what needs to be moved, from the contents of cupboards to furniture and storage rooms—and they’ll do it efficiently, too. Based on that summary, they’ll be able to give you an idea of what your move—and peace of mind—might cost.

That’s not the only way access to guidance from an experienced industry specialist will be invaluable. Packing and unpacking takes a lot of time and energy. By opting for a professional service, you can save yourself the hassle. You’ll have experts to handle delicate items with the care they deserve and unpack them at your destination—so you can spend less time organizing and get right to living. If cost isn’t a concern, full-service packers are truly the way to go for a breezy, effortless move.

What are your options if you’d like to stick to a budget? Rather than opting for a full-service move, you could always task movers with specialty items. We’re thinking valuable artwork, antiques, mirrors or even bigger items like bedframes and furniture. These are items you’ve invested in—let’s make sure they arrive at your new home safely. This is a great way to benefit from the expertise of a professional packer while saving on the cost of a full-service move.

So—is a professional moving service the right choice for you? If you’re looking to save some time and stress, the short answer is, “yes!” But if you feel that a full-service option is not the right move for you, then you can always opt for a mix-and-match service for choice items to make sure your move is tailored to your needs—just like your new home at The Collective!

Keep up with the latest happenings at your new community—follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye on our blog for exciting ways to stay active and involved at The Collective.

Well on Your Way to Wellness

When you think of wellness, fad diets and rigid exercise regimens may come to mind. Yet wellness has a much broader (and enjoyable) scope, an umbrella for anything that promotes inner peace and physical wellbeing while practicing movement in the verb of your choice. And here at The Collective, holistic health is the name of our game.

Consider The Campus – a 10,000-square-foot private clubhouse that houses everything you’ll need for an active start to the new year. For gentle movement that’s easy on the joints, take a dip in the pool, then head to the spa for some relaxation and muscle recovery. If pool with a cue stick (and a little less water) is more your speed, the billiards room has you covered. A well-equipped fitness center is also at your disposal, so exercise is accessible in every form.

Take to the land for a generous – and diverse – handful of ways to experience wellness at this Manteca community. Get your sweat on with a game of pickleball, or for something a bit more leisurely, connect with neighbors over a round of bocce ball. A vital facet of wellness, social exchange does as much good for the spirit as exercise does for the physical body – and sustains resident togetherness at The Collective.

Outdoor options for activity and adventure just keep on coming. Soak in some vitamin D and say hello to Mother Earth as you meander on foot or by wheels through community gardens and open spaces. A pinnacle of wellness, grounding yourself in nature gives you the chance to inhale some fresh air and stretch out your limbs while passing by friendly faces and colorful views. And if you bring your pups along for the ride, treat them to a visit to the dog park – a couple rounds of fetch mean fitness for all.

With body strengthened, mind sharpened and spirit uplifted, make room for rest in your wellness journey as well. Allow your body to recover from a day of movement at any of The Collective’s lounge areas and fire pits – the perfect spots to support long-lasting healthy habits – then fuel your body with a nutritious meal prepared at The Campus’ outdoor kitchen.

Unrestricted. Unique. Uplifting. That’s everything your wellness journey at The Collective should be. And while it may look different for everyone, the amenities at this master-planned community are designed to guide you toward your best self – in whatever way movement and wellbeing come most natural to you.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to discover every way to stay active and involved at The Collective.

Meet The Collective’s Newest Neighborhood

The model homes at Dawn by Trumark Homes are officially open! At our recent grand opening celebration, guests toured three stunning plans while enjoying sandwiches and coffee, even taking home delightful poinsettias and succulents as mementos of this lively event.

Guests marveled at the carefree living spaces ranging from 2,021 to 2,462 square feet with two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, impressive exteriors and contemporary design elements. Here, roomy backyards offer space for all sorts of fun and activity—from weekend BBQs with neighbors-turned-friends to energetic grandkids roaming wild and free. These residences are versatile and allow you to live life to the fullest with minimal stress—let the good times roll, indeed!

Dawn is more than just a place to call home. It’s a place for wellness and a lifestyle that is truly unique. And it all happens at The Campus clubhouse, conveniently located at the center of this award-winning community. Residents will have exclusive access to everything this lifestyle hub has to offer including a refreshing pool and state-of-the-art fitness center, a dog park, lounge areas and so much more. Fun times and well-being are always within reach at The Collective in Manteca.

Thank you to all who joined us for the grand opening of Dawn at The Collective. To learn more, click here or give us a call at (209) 299-6996. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening at The Collective!

Dawn Opens December 3

Great news from The Collective in Manteca! We’re celebrating Dawn, the latest addition to this thriving 55+ community, at our grand opening on Saturday, December 3 from 11 am to 3 pm. With opportunities to tour the delightful single-story models in this brand new neighborhood—accompanied by a tasty lunch—and the chance to chat with our on-site sales team, envisioning your life at Dawn is on the horizon.

Dawn at The Collective embraces the interplay between the stillness of relaxation and the bustle of physical movement and social exchange. Designed with every interest and energy level in mind is The Campus—The Collective’s impressive 10,000-square-foot clubhouse, featuring a pool and spa, fitness center, fire pits, bocce ball courts and more! Whether unwinding or warming up for a day of activity, recreation at Dawn is plentiful and can easily be navigated with the guidance of our lifestyle director.

Each residence at Dawn is crafted with comfort and convenience in mind, from the spa-like bathroom in the primary suite to the gourmet kitchen with island, complemented by numerous spaces to lounge, both indoors and out. But don’t just take our word for it—see the homes for yourself this Saturday at its grand opening!

To RSVP for Dawn’s grand debut and learn more about this award-winning community, please visit

Let’s Get Social at The Collective

Happy hour at The Collective is a little happier than most. That’s to be expected—we’re talking about an award-winning, age-qualified community, after all.

To sample a little slice of this life, meet us at The Campus, our community clubhouse, on Saturday, September 3rd between 3pm to 5pm—we’ll have light bites, refreshments and an up-close look at Vida and Dawn by Trumark Homes, two exciting new neighborhoods at The Collective. Guests will also have the opportunity to speak to our Sales team and discover all that this gated community has to offer. Secure your spot today by emailing [email protected] to RSVP!

For starters, applause-worthy amenities are to be expected at an award-winning community—that’s why a 10,000-square-foot private clubhouse feels right at home here. Find fun and wellness at unmatched amenities such as a sparkling pool and spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, massage room, outdoor kitchen and billiard room—or make the most of a lifestyle director to personalize your well-being. Not to mention, our outdoor fire pits are perfect for keeping warm on cool, Manteca evenings while raising a glass to a beautiful new chapter in your unrivaled 55 and better community.

The only thing more exciting than our amenities are our homes. Vida and Dawn offer hassle-free, low-maintenance living in single-story builds—backed by the expertise of trusted homebuilder, Trumark Homes. At Vida, you’ll discover three captivating plans that feature two bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths across a generous 1,708 square feet. A bonus room (per plan) offers the perfect spot for an at-home hobby space, a study or even a dedicated toy room for the grandkids. But the real stars of the show are the large yards, where there’s plenty of space to stretch out, start your morning with a bit of yoga or cultivate the garden you’ve always dreamed of.

At Dawn, you’ll find equally elevated features and finishes across 2,462 square feet of living space. Two bedroom and two-and-a-half baths are rounded out by a den (per plan) and flex spaces so you can nurture new habits and hobbies in comfort.

You’ve earned the opportunity to choose, and we get that. Check out our final builds at Act now—we’re down to our last few homes across these enticing neighborhoods.

See it all in person—drop by our Happy Hour event on Saturday, September 3rd. Don’t forget to email [email protected] to RSVP and save yourself a front-row seat to the most note-worthy age-qualified community in town! Cheers to a golden standard and an elevated new chapter in your life.