Featured / March 9, 2023 /

An Outdoor Oasis Within

The Collective is a breath of fresh air in every way imaginable—from amenities that facilitate getting out in nature to homes equipped to reflect YOU. Wellness is the way around here, and in 2023, the simplest way to embrace that is to bring the outdoors into your home and transform your living spaces into a natural oasis that fosters contentment and well-being. Here are some simple tips to get started.

Let’s start with the obvious—indoor plants are the easiest way to turn any space into a leafy retreat. And no matter your style, there’s a way to incorporate greenery into your home. Large planters with trees or statement plants like a large monstera or a row of bamboo pack quite a punch, while hanging planters offer a more subtle wow factor. Did you say spa vibes? We’ve got you covered. Eucalyptus bunches by your sink or hung from your shower offer a dreamy, spa-inspired ambiance that’s sure to soothe.

We hear you—homes as dynamic as the ones across our five unique neighborhoods deserve imaginative options. Why not get creative with a living moss wall or a vertical garden? That way, you can bring the power of air-purifying plants into any space or take advantage of fresh, homegrown herbs in your culinary masterpieces. Best of all, both options offer a striking focal point that is sure to be quite the conversation piece. Sounds like a win to us!

Whether you choose to go all out and au naturel or low maintenance with faux greenery, you’ve got options to liven up any space—from large potted plants to smaller pops of green in your home office and everything in between.

Blending natural elements and materials into your home décor is another great way to welcome the outdoors into your indoor space in a stylish, trendy way. Since your home comes with granite countertops, you’re already halfway there—but you can do your part too! We’re talking stone planters, wooden end tables and rattan décor. Earthy textures and natural tones are refreshing, effortless ways to bring elements of coziness to any space.

Another way to bring a little taste of the great outdoors within is to make the most of natural lighting. Lucky for you, large windows are abundant in every home at The Collective, so guiding natural sunlight into and throughout your home requires no effort at all.

Plus, the potential of indoor-outdoor spaces at The Collective is truly something to brag about. Covered decks offer the perfect space to get imaginative and offer you a best-of-both-worlds hangout. From sunny days to rainy ones, take your time enjoying fresh air in a stylish, protected spot. From sunrise yoga to evening gatherings with neighbors, your indoor-outdoor space is truly the heart of your home—as well as a hands-off way to bring your favorite elements of the great outdoors, in.

Breathe in. And out. Homes at The Collective are a world apart, and it shows. With elements to help your haven reflect a natural oasis in a trendy and effortless way, this is your chance to ensure your next chapter is the most serene one yet.

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