EducationLifestyle / February 7, 2023 /

Moving Made Easy

So—you’re ready to pack up your life and make your move toward a new beginning at The Collective. Exciting times lie ahead! But is hiring professional packers the right move for you? A moving service can bring a lot to the table, so here’s why employing a little extra help when it comes to your move might be the right call.

Let’s start with the obvious: moving companies are the experts. That means a surveyor will be sent to your current home to take stock of what needs to be moved, from the contents of cupboards to furniture and storage rooms—and they’ll do it efficiently, too. Based on that summary, they’ll be able to give you an idea of what your move—and peace of mind—might cost.

That’s not the only way access to guidance from an experienced industry specialist will be invaluable. Packing and unpacking takes a lot of time and energy. By opting for a professional service, you can save yourself the hassle. You’ll have experts to handle delicate items with the care they deserve and unpack them at your destination—so you can spend less time organizing and get right to living. If cost isn’t a concern, full-service packers are truly the way to go for a breezy, effortless move.

What are your options if you’d like to stick to a budget? Rather than opting for a full-service move, you could always task movers with specialty items. We’re thinking valuable artwork, antiques, mirrors or even bigger items like bedframes and furniture. These are items you’ve invested in—let’s make sure they arrive at your new home safely. This is a great way to benefit from the expertise of a professional packer while saving on the cost of a full-service move.

So—is a professional moving service the right choice for you? If you’re looking to save some time and stress, the short answer is, “yes!” But if you feel that a full-service option is not the right move for you, then you can always opt for a mix-and-match service for choice items to make sure your move is tailored to your needs—just like your new home at The Collective!

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