Wellness / January 16, 2023 /

Well on Your Way to Wellness

When you think of wellness, fad diets and rigid exercise regimens may come to mind. Yet wellness has a much broader (and enjoyable) scope, an umbrella for anything that promotes inner peace and physical wellbeing while practicing movement in the verb of your choice. And here at The Collective, holistic health is the name of our game.

Consider The Campus – a 10,000-square-foot private clubhouse that houses everything you’ll need for an active start to the new year. For gentle movement that’s easy on the joints, take a dip in the pool, then head to the spa for some relaxation and muscle recovery. If pool with a cue stick (and a little less water) is more your speed, the billiards room has you covered. A well-equipped fitness center is also at your disposal, so exercise is accessible in every form.

Take to the land for a generous – and diverse – handful of ways to experience wellness at this Manteca community. Get your sweat on with a game of pickleball, or for something a bit more leisurely, connect with neighbors over a round of bocce ball. A vital facet of wellness, social exchange does as much good for the spirit as exercise does for the physical body – and sustains resident togetherness at The Collective.

Outdoor options for activity and adventure just keep on coming. Soak in some vitamin D and say hello to Mother Earth as you meander on foot or by wheels through community gardens and open spaces. A pinnacle of wellness, grounding yourself in nature gives you the chance to inhale some fresh air and stretch out your limbs while passing by friendly faces and colorful views. And if you bring your pups along for the ride, treat them to a visit to the dog park – a couple rounds of fetch mean fitness for all.

With body strengthened, mind sharpened and spirit uplifted, make room for rest in your wellness journey as well. Allow your body to recover from a day of movement at any of The Collective’s lounge areas and fire pits – the perfect spots to support long-lasting healthy habits – then fuel your body with a nutritious meal prepared at The Campus’ outdoor kitchen.

Unrestricted. Unique. Uplifting. That’s everything your wellness journey at The Collective should be. And while it may look different for everyone, the amenities at this master-planned community are designed to guide you toward your best self – in whatever way movement and wellbeing come most natural to you.

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