FeaturedWellness / June 6, 2022 /

Find Health and Vitality at The Collective

Residents of The Collective have a running start on their health and fitness goals. That’s because this is a community made up of like-minded people who make the most of living in a happy, wholesome and fun environment. And to support this version of you, we offer an active lifestyle with a healthy dose of wellness, surrounded by friends and neighbors. After all, we weren’t the first age-qualified community to be WELL Certified™ for nothing.

A truly beneficial lifestyle is about more than weight loss or getting in shape—it’s about feeling good, mentally and physically. That’s why The Collective offers a range of physical activities to promote that feeling. Spend your summer days swimming laps at the community pool or playing tennis on our courts. We also offer classes like yoga, spinning and even dance aerobics. We want you to stay healthy and feel great—so we provide a number of fun and vigorous activities to help you do just that.

At The Campus Clubhouse, you’ll also find a wide selection of fitness equipment available to help you achieve your personal goals. What could be better than having everything you need, right where you live? And on those days where the motivation to work out or get to the gym seems to have taken a little siesta, our walkable community is designed to help you stay active. Convenience is key—whether you’re walking the dog to the park, biking to the store or taking a stroll to meet neighbors.

So, if overall wellness is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place. The Collective has stepped it up to support a vibrant and active lifestyle—one that ensures your next chapter is your best—and healthiest—one yet. Cheers to health, vitality and experiencing the best years of your life—at your own pace.

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